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4H Livestock Auction

Dekalb Farm Mutual supported the 2017 4H Livestock Auction by purchasing animals from individuals listed below. Donations also provided to nine additional townships.

  • Hannah Cserep - Jackson - Swine
  • Tucker Heffley - Union - Swine
  • Caeden Moughler - Troy - Goat
  • Ayshia Houser - Wilmington - Goat
  • Madison Comment - Fairfield - Sheep
  • Molley Holman - Spencer - Goat

Academic Achievement Scholarship

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  • Abagail J. Capp - Eastside High School
  • Ayshia C. Houser - Dekalb High School
  • Lauren E. Jacobs - Eastside High School

Tractor Pull Schedule

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Cedar Creek Antique Engine & Tractor Association Fun Days!

Saturday July 8th, 2017
Tractor Pull
Weight in 8am
10am Tractor Pull
Div I and II
0-2900  2901-3600  3601-4600  4601-5600  5601-6600  6601-7600  7601-8600
Plus 2-T Classes
THIS EVENT will be held at:
Arnett Family Farms
4928 State Road 1
Butler, Indiana
8 miles east of Auburn
Call for Directions
Spices Lunch Wagon will be here all day
Bring your own chairs
All participants must have a CURRENT CEDAR CREEN ANTIQUE ENGINE & TRACTOR ASSOC. membership. It is $5 for one or $7 for a family.
For more info call:
Max Trubey 260-927-7930
Bill Hand 260-414-9368
Chuck Arnett 260-337-5031 or 260-267-8101

We Pull For... Camp Riley

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Arnett Family Farms
4928 State Road 1
Butler, Indiana
8 miles east of Auburn

Bring your own chairs. Lunch Wagon will be here all day.

Weigh-in at 8am
Pull starts at 10am

Division I and II Classes
0-2900  2901-3600  3601-4600  4601-5600  5601-6600  6601-7600  7601-8600  8601-11000

4500 & 6000 Open NO Speed Limit $25, Hook 50% Pay Back
Div. I up to 7500# w/16" max. drawbar. Must be 100% stock. No hanging weights. 3 MPH speed limit.
Div. II 18" max. drawbar. Hanging weights allowed. 3.5 MPH speed limit
2T classes


All proceeds to go the Riley Children's Foundation to help send local physically disabled kids to Camp Riley

For more information, please call:

Bill Hand 260-414-9368
Max Trubey 260-927-7930
Chuck Arnett 260-337-5031 or 260-267-8101 (cell)

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